How to automatically archive email account on Microsoft Outlook

  1. Go to FILE menu
  2. On the Left Column navigation, select OPTIONS
  3. OUTLOOK OPTIONS window will display, scroll down to ADVANCED option
  4. Go to AUTOARCHIVE, then press AUTOARCHIVE SETTINGS button
  5. AUTOARCHIVE window will display
  6. Put a CHECK on the box for RUN AUTOARCHIVE every “X” days and then type the number of days on how often you would like to run AutoArchive
  7. On the CLEAN OUT ITEMS OLDER THAN, type-in the number of months of emails you want to retain on your real time (webmail) inbox
  8. On the MOVE OLD ITEMS TO, select on BROWSE button to specify the LOCATION of your ARCHIVE Emails
  9. Lastly Click on OK button

NOTE: By default the location of your ARCHIVED EMAILS is at C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Outlook Files\archive.pst