How to install Office 365 suite on Windows 10 from

First! Login to your account via , use your Email, phone number or skype username plus your password then click NEXT.

2) Enter the verification code sent to your preferred contact number, click Verify.

3) It is preferred to select NO, due to security reasons, as google chrome or your web browser will cache and save your password.

4) Once successfully logged in to your Microsoft account, you will see your Dashboard. Basically this is your homepage where you will see your applications and access to settings and profile.

5) At the upper right of your Dashboard is your complete name Initials. Just below it is the INSTALL OFFICE button. Click on it, drop-down list will display and choose Office 365 apps.

6) At the lower left side of your Google Chrome web browser an executable file will be downloaded labelled as Setup.Exe; Click on it to initiate the download and installation. During the process it will display the status and once done, it will say installation complete. Press Close button.

7) Now to confirm if the applications were successfully installed, go to your windows search box and type-in Control Panel. Press enter and search for MS Office 365.

8) Next is the activation, again go to your windows search box and launch any of the MS office apps example Word processor. Enter your email address to confirm the activation.

9) Go to FILE menu, then ACCOUNT INFO. Your complete name and email address should display as a successful account activation.