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This web page features the top tourist spots of the Philippine Islands. Philippines is a tropical archipelago made up of 7,107 island. It is known for its beautiful white sand beaches, heritage towns. mountains, rainforests, underwater caves, and marine sanctuaries which is a favorite as dive sites. Philippines is located in South East Asia and just directly south of Taiwan. Since it is situated near the equator you would expect high temperature, humidity and plenty of rainfall. The Philippine culture has a mix of Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, American and from the Indigenous People. The Filipinos are family oriented, religious and hospitable.

If you will be travelling to the country it is best that you at least speak English as it is considered as the second language.

Cebu Tourist Spots


The Magellan’s Cross was planted in April 21, 1521 by the Spanish explorers led by Ferdinand Magellan to commemorate the baptism of Rajah Humabon, his wife Juana and other natives into the Roman Catholic faith.

Baguio Tourist Spots


Also known as Igorot Village, the Botanical Garden features Igorot house replicas similar found in the Cordilleras and their culture.

Bohol Tourist Spots

The Chocolate Hills is a rolling terrain of haycock hills – mounds of general shape which are conical and almost symmetrical.

Leyte Tourist Spots

leyte landing memorial general macarthur tourist spot

Commemorating the historic landing of General Douglas MacArthur in Leyte Gulf during the recapture and liberation of the Philippines from Japanese occupation on October 20, 1944.

Negros Tourist Spots

locomotive train negros tourist spot

Negros is a uniquely shaped “Boot-like” island in the Philippines. It is known as the “Sugarbowl of the Philippines”, due to the province produces more than half the nation’s sugar output. In the year 1950’s to 1980’s economic growth was high with the demand from US Market.